A standard bar where guests pay for their own drinks. We set up for free at most events if there are 100+ guests. In other cases we charge £100 per staff member required (a minimum of 2) and then offer cashback on the bar. When the bar opens you start earning back your set up fee.


Ideal for hosts with a budget to treat their guests to a quantity of prepaid drinks. The whole bar can be made available, or a specific section e.g. gin and tonics, cask of ale, wine etc.


Other prepaid services include reception drinks e.g. prosecco with uniformed service. We also provide food and wine matching for fine dining.


Our clients can be very discerning, and we encourage it whole-heartedly! Specific craft ales and gins are common requests. We source local breweries wherever possible and have a long list of gins which we are always happy to add to. See our gallery or just ask for more ideas and suggestions. 

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ABOVE: A few of the gins we listed as standard stock in 2017. 

BELOW:  Some local breweries and national craft ales we have sourced.