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From as little as £2 per pint and no need for gas bottles, extensive piping or cooling equipment. Safe and easy to use, our dispensers chill and pressurise any keg. Simply plug in and pour the perfect pint.

Supplying lagers, local ale and the latest craft beer, great prices starting from as little as one 30L keg (53 pints) plus hire.

Any event, any size, or run your own cash bar with appropriate licencing which we can help facilitate.

Just a few specific beers and breweries that we have sourced on request for clients are displayed below. These are all generally available along with many others. Yes, we take requests!

A two-tap dispenser with fittings, local delivery and collection included is £150. Keg prices vary depending on size, brand and quantity ordered. The main formats are 30 Litre (roughly 53 pints) and 50 Litre (88 pints). Our minimum order is just one 30L keg plus hire (i.e. +£150). Some 2019 pricing examples include (no VAT to pay):

Carlsberg 88 pints £180 * Thornbridge Brewery 53 pints (Jaipur, Lukas, AM:PM) £150 * Peroni 88 pints £250 * Birra Moretti 88 pints £245 * Camden Town Pale 53 pints £150 * Cloudwater IPA 53 pints £200 * San Miguel 88 pints £220

Wine and perfectly mixed cocktails including Mojitos, Pina Colada, Pimms, Pinot Grigio, Prosecco, etc also available on draught.

Please enquire for specific order pricing via the Contact Page >>